Reasons Why Electronic Security Systems Are Significant For Hotels/Restaurants/Coffee Shops

If you own a hotel, motel or restaurant, chances are some crucial aspects of your business are on your mind daily. You want your business to run smoothly, you want to provide quality service to your guests, and you want to ensure that your rooms are turned over timely, the list goes on. In addition to these concerns that are expressed by business owners, the safety of staff and guests is a major concern of most if not all hotel owners. The issue of security is more daunting if you own or manage a chain of hotels or restaurants.

For hotel owners and the hotel industry at large, the security of staff, lodgers and guests is paramount that’s why a security system is a valuable tool in the industry. Security systems do much more than providing added security; they also protect hotel assets and profits. Automation and security systems such as access control, business automation system, video surveillance systems, and intrusion alarms provide security.

As far as security is concerned in a hotel or restaurant, it’s not enough to hire a security person. It’s impossible for a security agent to keep an eye on all entries of the hotel at once. This is the reason why hotels and restaurants need to install security systems. One of such security systems is a video surveillance system which is a perfect solution for hotels especially as you grow your business. Security systems can protect your guests, employees, and property and more importantly give all and sundry peace of mind. Also, they can increase your productivity considering that guests who feel secure on your property are likely to recommend to friends and family.

Security cameras can benefit your business when installed in the following areas:

  • Outdoor corridors
  • Stockrooms
  • Delivery entrances
  • Lobby
  • Parking lot
  • Kitchens
  • Pools
  • Restaurants
  • Bar areas
  • Gyms
  • Meeting areas
  • Hallways

Here are some reasons why an electronic security system is significant for hotels/restaurants/coffee shops:

  • Intrusion alarms

Intrusion alarms protect guests by safeguarding exposed points of entry.

  • Automation helps to manage energy consumption

Hotel operators are expected to make every space in the hotel ready for guest even at short notice. At the same time, they also need to manage the energy consumption of the hotel. Business automation can help to reduce energy consumption.

  • Video surveillance system

Video surveillance system improves security. It helps to expose physical crime that hotels and restaurants are exposed to such as theft or lone attacks on guests.

  • Access control offers protection for hotel assets.

Merchandise theft is a common problem for most restaurants and hotels. This is where the access control system comes in.

  • Enhanced customer service

CCTV and video surveillance systems allow hotel operators to provide guests with quality customer service. With CCTV and video surveillance systems, guests can monitor traffic flow, guest wait times, service practices and many more.

  • Improved productivity

Studies show that hotels and restaurants that use security systems see increased productivity. Security systems can help to verify or indicate the location of a service or technical personnel, and how long it takes to get the task done. More importantly, the security system functions as a tool to increase efficiency.

  • Lessen risk damage

If installed, security cameras can lessen risk damage in the event of theft, accident or fraud.

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